New Our updated Advanced Layer7 Antiddos service is active!

Web Application Firewall

Safeguard your website applications from the most critical vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks that the Internet poses.

Provides full-time protection for your websites and applications by
inpecting all inbound traffic and only allowing legitimate and authorized access.

1 Point

Point your website, application, or API to LayerWeb

2 Review

Review the standard WAF policies that are active by default

3 Control

Deactivate or customize any standardized policies as desired

4 Customize

IP whitelists and blacklists if necessary

Intelligent Protection

LayerWeb is constantly learning from attacks, and will adapt the firewall based on the data we obtain.

Block Advanced Layer 7 Attacks

The application level is most vulnerable to flooding. We are here to filter malicious traffic from reaching your servers in under a second. Benefit from our CDN, WAF and DDoS Protection.

Cross-site Scripting

This exploit allows a hacker to run malicious javascript on your website. This opens many doors to an attacker, as they can steal cookie data with ease. LayerWeb will block this kind of attack before it becomes an issue.

Automated Traffic (Bots)

Automated bots can become a huge issue for your website. Most of the time, they are used to bruteforce inputs on your website. LayerWeb will prevent this from happening in advance, stopping it before it becomes an issue for you.

SQL Injection

This attack allows a hacker to run queries on your MySQL database. This, as you can imagine, will lead to a lot of issues for you. Our extensive and comprehensive ruleset will keep you safe from any attack.

Double WAF Technology

We provide the best for your safety.

Comodo WAF Rules

Your main domain passes through our reverse proxy anti-DDoS system, where premium Comodo WAF rules are implemented to ensure the utmost flexibility in protecting your system without compromising stability. Experience active and reliable defense that safeguards your infrastructure effectively.

Cloudflare WAF Rules

With Cloudflare, your main domain benefits from active proxy extensions and customized WAF rules. Our additional measures prevent potential Cloudflare bypass situations, providing enhanced protection against emerging threats. Trust our comprehensive security solutions for a safer online experience.

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