Web Sensor DDoS Mitigation

Our sensor engine is always looking for attacks that might try to interrupt your website availability. All within half a second on average.


Powerful Cache

We give you complete control over your website cache, allowing to cache your entire website with lower latency at reduced cost.

Cloudflare CDN Network

We do our best to improve and otherwise speed up the delivery of your webpage, by using to content delivery cloudflare.


With our user-friendly panel, you have complete control over DNS management, allowing you to effortlessly handle your settings. Additionally, our dedicated support team is ready to provide professional assistance whenever you need it. Simply raise a ticket and let us know your requirements, whether it's configuring whitelist or blacklist settings, and we'll promptly address your requests with utmost care and expertise.

Monitoring Image

Requests to the firewall can be tracked for the last 7 days.

Sensor Mitigation

Our sensor engine remains vigilant, constantly scanning for potential attacks that could jeopardize the availability of your website, all within a mere one-second timeframe.

Phase One

Sensor Image

We will make an effort to verify whether you are a human or a bot. Our primary challenge successfully thwarts around (Completely blocks raw flood attacks) 94% of attacks, reducing the frequency of requiring secondary stage mitigation. The process is quite fast and does not bother your visitors.

Phase Two

Sensor Image

In the unlikely event that malicious traffic manages to reach your website, we deploy the second stage mitigation by implementing invisible captchas. However, such occurrences are exceptionally rare, thanks to our continuous updates and advancements in automated verification techniques.

Global Coverage

Our network is strategically designed to bring you closer to your website's server by providing faster access while providing strong protection against potential attacks.

World Map
  • Finland, Helsinki
  • Germany, Nuremberg
  • France, Paris
  • Germany, Falkenstein
  • Turkey, Bursa
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Ashburn, VA

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